24 February 2013


Good morning Sir,
Pliz my name is ************ I am finish fom for. Ze everybody is to say we get za divishen 0, My part I am saying not I am not get divshen 0. I am vere vere intelijens, but pipoz don’t like me. I have experience in singing bongoflava, so pipoz are jelas, the have put majik so I get diveshen 0. But I am clever becoz ask me forekzampo, what is fomula for water? Ze fomula for water iz Hech to o. Now why you give me dishen 0? Ok ask me anadha forekzampo what iz President of America? Ze president of America iz Obama.  Ze gavament shud change my marks to dishen 2, because the youth are ze future of my country. If we get divishen 0 zen all the future is divishen 0. So giv us more  maks becoz of ze future
Pliz mzee put on ze facebook so ze Plezident will see

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