Dear Lads and gentlemens of Facbook, Twitar, and blog, goodmoning. I am now full man, I want to merry. My Father and my mother they I am saying get marryd. I am see meny gelz and wimens in the facbook, and twitar and instantgram, I am say I am still single. I am is very good face, smilling face, I am also in Kiswahili langwej mtanashati. My father has richness of many cows for cow milk, if you come you will get many milk.  I am studied education of o levo.in St Jon seco, english medium, of internatshno teachers of Uganda and Kenya East Africa. Teacher is teaching many things to us, if you come you will enjoy. I have TV and gas cooker of 3 plates, I have sofa set ‘magongo’. I am working in Indian house, I am get very very expensive salary, if you come you will enjoy. Please beautiful gelz and wimens of facbook an twita I love you very very, so say yes for me to merry you you will enjoy.

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